About NewsTrig
NewsTrig.com aims to bring balance into your news consumption. From left to right, see what the headlines are and how news stories are being reported by from both sides of the aisle, as well as the aisle, itself.

The Mix view brings the latest news from all viewpoints. Left brings liberal news, Right displays conservative, and Center tries to view news from a central perspective. Click a headline from any of these areas to see a filtered view in that category. Trig allows further refinement by allowing you to choose the day, category, slant, or site to filter.

NewsTrig.com makes it easy to not only maintain an open mind to others’ perspectives, it allows you to go back in time from the inception of the site until today, to see what the news cycle was discussing and has since swept under the rug or moved on from.

NewsTrig.com always shows the latest headlines and each category is constantly updated with the newest data. With the ability to look at data from a historical perspective, use NewsTrig.com to research important topics and interests.
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